UFREE wholesale mini moto bike/pocketbike PB-G01
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The difference of poor bike and UFREE bike/scooter
1. Rear Trailing Arm
The low quality bike (left picture) has a thin round section trailing arm.
UFREE bike (right picture) had a square box section trailing arm offering greatly increased rigidity and rider safety.
If this arm were to break at full speed, the cheap bike put user into dangerous situation.
2. Rear Trailing Arm Support
The low quality bike has no upper support for the trailing arm.
UFREE bike has a 90 degree support bracket welded to both the trailing arm and main frame, further increasing the strength of our bike.
3. Full Rear Fender
UFREE bike has a full hugger, unlike the simple flimsy fender found on low quality bikes.
4. Brake Cable Routing
The low quality bikes have in excess of 6" of exposed brake cable on the rear brake mechanism.
UFREE bikes have the minimum amount of exposed brake cable on the rear brakes, reducing the chance of any brake failure caused by fouling.
5. Tubeless Tire
The low standard pocket bike has not tubeless tires, just has pneumatic tires.
UFREE use tubeless tires (expensive than pneumatic) in pocket bikes (PB-G01, 02, 03, 04), just like the tires in cars and real racing motorcycle. It is safer, stronger and perdurable.
6. Wheel Rim
Some low quality bikes use thin wheel rim (reducing thickness, can not be found by sight) to save cost, it is not safe enough for user.
7. Techniques and Material
Low quality bikes use poor and cheap material with poor techniques. UFREE use good material with good techniques, better appearance and performance, safer and stroger.
The bikes look same appearance, but actually not. Please click the small photos and compare details in big photos.
Please check the welds and other techniques.
8. Radiator
Low quality water-cooled bikes usually are installed radiator welded by iron & cuprum, with 3 pipes. It has not good performance and easy to leak. UFREE water-cooled bikes are installed aluminum radiator (die cast), with 4 pipes. Please click small photo to view big one.
9. Engine
Engine is the most important part in the bike. The price and quality is both disparate, between high quality engine and low quality engine. UFREE use best engine in China, and test each engine before assembling into the bike.
2 strokes air-cooled engine water-cooled engine 4 strokes engine engine test
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